Broomall Resident to Perform at Longwood Gardens with The Savoy Company

Broomall's Mary Punshon Sings as She Stars in Two G&S Musicals!
Broomall's Mary Punshon Sings as She Stars in Two G&S Musicals!

In its 114 year, The Savoy Company will present Gilbert & Sullivan’s musical comedies, Trial By Jury and The Sorcerer, at Longwood Gardens on June 13th and 14th at 8:30 pm (rain dates June 15th and 16th) in the Open Air Theater, a two-tiered stage backed by a grassy hill and framed by columnar arborvitae, which is a larger design of one found at Villa Gori, near Siena, Italy.  Collegeville’s Beverly Redman, Artistic Director, makes her debut with The Savoy Company.  Glenside’s Peter Hilliard, Music Director, returns for his second year and conducts the professional orchestra.  Jenkintown’s Aaron Manthey serves as Producer and Wayne’s Geoffrey Berwind serves as Assistant Producer.

Trial By Jury
 is a story set to song about a jilted bride, a brash groom, and a breach of promise of marriage lawsuit in which the learned judge and legal system are the objects of lighthearted satire.  The cast of Trial By Jury, drawn from Philadelphia and the suburbs, stars:  West Chester’s Samuel W. M. Griffin as The Learned Judge, Lafayette Hill’s Ross Druker as the Defendant (Edwin), Philadelphia’s Gene Schneyer as the Counsel, Broomall’s Mary Punshon as the Plaintiff (Angelina), and Havertown’s Thomas Sweitzer as the Jury Foreman.  The show features Conshohocken’s Jennifer Bibbs as the Other Woman and as Bridesmaids:  Cinzia Lombardo (Clifton Heights), Melissa Burdick (Bryn Mawr), Portia Bosch (New Oxford), Mickey Hewes and Linda Marie Bell (both from Philadelphia).  The Chorus – Jury and Spectators – brings the courtroom to life with their action and reaction to the trial of the 19th century. 

The Sorcerer satirizes Victorian class distinction via the magical spell cast by the sorcerer and the love potion spiked-tea ingested by villagers who fall asleep and then awaken to fall in love with the wrong person.  The cast of The Sorcerer stars:  Berwyn’s Fred Dittmann as Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre, an elderly Baronet, Philadelphia’s Peter Webb as Alexis of the Grenadier Guards – his son, Wayne’s Fredrick D.Wampler as Dr. Daly, the Vicar, New Oxford’s Guillermo Bosch as the Notary, Wayne’s John Chesney as John Wellington Wells of J. W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers, West Chester’s Martha Smylie as Lady Sangazure a Lady of Ancient Lineage, Philadelphia’s Meghan Curry as Aline, her daughter – bethrothed to Alexis, Broomall’s Mary Punshon as Mrs. Partlet, the Pew Opener, and Philadelphia’s Jennifer Chesterson as Constance, her daughter.  The Chorus – the Villagers of Ploverleigh – is charming and merry inviting everyone into the enchantment surrounding the betrothal festivities.

The Savoy Company will present this double-bill of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Trial By Jury and The Sorcererat Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA, on June 13th and 14th at 8:30 pm (rain dates June 15thand 16th) in the Open Air Theatre.  Tickets are $30.  Parking for all performances is free. Tickets may be purchased at the door or go to www.savoy.org to purchase tickets online or for more information.  (Ticket price includes admission to Longwood Gardens for the entire day and re-admission on the same day.)


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