St Mary Magdalen School students skype with their pen pals in California
St Mary Magdalen School students skype with their pen pals in California

A winter storm with snow and ice was not going to stop St Mary Magdalen School students from participating in Digital Learning Day.  A national event scheduled for Feb 5th, Digital Learning Day celebrates the impact digital learning has on education across the country.  The purpose of the day is to increase awareness about the value of digital learning in the classroom, and to give every child the opportunity to learn in a robust digital environment every day.

Although Digital Learning Day fell on a snow day for the school, students and teachers still took advantage of opportunities for special digital learning projects.  Sixth grade students were able to skype with their pen pals from California.  Students were excited to have face time with the West Coast students they had been writing to since the beginning of the year.  Fourth graders created QR codes linking to their research of  famous Pennsylvanians.  The lesson incorporated social studies, language arts and technology. Third and sixth graders participated in video creation projects.  Online  safety lessons were also incorporated into the week of digital learning for all grades.


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