Where to Join: Local Girl Scouts Troop

See where your child can join the Girl Scouts.

If you want your child to have the experience of warm campfires, helping the less fortunate, crafting, working toward goals via earning patches, learning to always be prepared and -- let's not forget -- selling delicous cookies there's one area Girl Scout troop.

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania are accepting new members all year round. Winter registration began Dec. 21 and ends March 20. Girls ages five to 17 can join.

New troops can be formed as long as there's a minimum of five girls. But girls can also join -- and be placed in -- an existing troop. Girls wishing to join but not participate in group activities can join individually.

Are you an adult who wants to volunteer teaching Girl Scouts whatever skills you may have to offer? You can volunteer here.

There's also a Facebook page for additional information.

To reach the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania, call (215) 564-4657 or toll free at (888) 564-4657.


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