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Foam, Fun, and 'Jersey Shore' Cast Members Entertain Local Teens

The Marple Sports Arena was turned into a 'night out' for local teens who wanted to dance and meet "Jersey Shore" cast members JWoww and Deena.

BROOMALL—Typically known for hosting hockey games and other sports-related matches, the changed its look as a local sports venue to a nightspot on Saturday night.

With the help of Octane Entertainment, the sports venue transformed into a hot spot for local teens, including foam, music and cast members from MTV's "Jersey Shore." Laura Stimson, the event manager for Octane, said the company's goal is to bring safe club-like events to local teens of Delaware County.

"The 21 and over crowd doesn't go to the same bar every week, that would get boring. You wouldn't want to go to the same teen thing every week," explained Stimson. "We wanted to add some really fun, exciting events and give the teens something else to do." 

And thus created a ."

Neon lasers and strobe lights filled the ice hockey rink. That's the glow part. The lights bounced around the room to hot remixes of today's dance music.

Then there was the foam. 

Octane partnered with Sixx Pak Entertainment, who provided the lights, beats, and foam. A machine placed in the rafters of the rink poured bubbly foam onto the dance floor. Teens danced and waded about knee-deep in fluffy white foam. A cannon shot more of the bubbly concoction about 100 feet into the crowd. After a few songs, many teens tossed their soaked shoes to the side for more dancing.

But the entertainment didn't stop there.

Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Deena Nicole Cortese of the infamous "Jersey Shore" cast was on hand for a meet-and-greet with fans. The ladies of the shore also took the stage to get the audience excited and danced with a few local teens. Deena even donned an Italian-flared Phillies ball cap, which had been given to her by a fan in the crowd.

"They are both the nicest people–they have been so gracious about everything," said Stimson. Throughout the night, JWoww and Deena were busily posing for pictures with local fans of all ages.

Haverford High student Amber Matarazzo was ecstatic to be there. She brought two friends, but was more excited about seeing JWoww.

"I watch 'Jersey Shore' religiously," she proclaimed.

While almost all the teens emulated the looks of their favorite cast members (the 'poofs,' the tans, and some serious 'T-Shirt Time') only a few made it into the 'Jersey Shore' lookalike contest, which was judged by JWoww and Deena at the end of the night.

While this was definitely not your average school dance, it was clear that safety was the main goal. Volunteers and security carefully monitored every entrance of the rink. Octane also worked with local authorities to make sure an emergency could be taken care of easily.

"It was a boring night," joked Bill Downey, chief of , who was on hand for the evening. Even Stimson concurred the event went off without any drama.

Teens went home a little messy, but there was a great vibe of positive fun throughout the night. Octane Entertainment is already at work on their next big event for Halloween.

Mag Delaney September 29, 2011 at 07:23 PM
Marple Sports Arena used to be a fun and wholesome place for kids. Well, that has changed! This weekend (Sept 23 and 24, 2011) they are hosting a "JERSEY SHORE" themed night for MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL kids. Jersey Shore is NOT appropriate for this age group. Why can't they stick to a DJ dance party? Why do they need to promote a theme after a show that promotes drinking and inappropriate behaviour to this age group? I called Marple Sports Arena (at first I found it hard to believe that a sports oriented children's place would host such garbage) and was told if I didn't like it, to keep my child home. I will! The woman hung up on me! Spread the word! Boycott Marple...no more children parties, fund raisers, etc!!!!!
JR October 01, 2011 at 03:41 AM
So why are we supposed to boycott The Marple Sports arena ? Because you don't approve of one of their theme parties ? Listen Meg, if you don't approve of the party, don't let your child attend. It's not your call to tell a small business owner how to run their business.
Andrew April 09, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Yeah, this is pretty messed up. I went to Marple, am now in college, and even I can tell you that these are not the type of people we need influencing our younger generations. Here's a photo a Sophomore took that night... real classy. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2468123268867&set=a.2468107708478.145913.1425885458&type=3&theater


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