Find Handcrafted Marple Newtown Gifts on Etsy

Find some Marple Newtown Etsy sellers of jewelry, homemade spices, designer dog treats, and other handcrafted goods you can buy in time for the holidays.

We all know the advantages of shopping locally: It's an investment in your community, an important way to keep money local during trying economic times, and a way to lessen your carbon footprint. But, what if you prefer to do your shopping from the sofa?

Never fear: there are still ways to shop close to home without actually leaving home.

Etsy, a website for vintage and handmade wares, is a great resource for the online shopper. The site has sellers from all over the world, but includes an Etsy Local page where you can select your location and only shop close to home.

Check out the lists below for jewelry, paintings, soaps, accessories, and other holiday gift ideas—all made in the Marple Newtown Patch area and surrounding region.

For gifts that are still local but not quite so close, check out some of our other favorites:


If handmade gifts aren't your thing, . And don't forget to 'Like' local too on Facebook.


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