Frugal Family Saves Some Change For Pizza Night

Local pizza shops offer discounts, coupons and deals for a night of eating in or eating out.

Each week Frugal Family will feature great deals on local products, services, tickets, meals or anything else that reaps savings for families. This week, we scoured the area for savings on pizza. You're busy with chauffering the kids to and from spring sports and don't have time to cook. How about grabbing a pie on the way home or eating at one of these local pizza shops without feeling guilty about dishing out some dough during the week. Check out the variety of savings opportunities below and get eating.

Note: Check with the vendor for additional conditions that may apply.

Deal #1: Get $2 off any Sicilian pizza.
Deal #2: Get two large plain pizzas (toppings are extra) for $16.99.
Deal #3: Get $1 off any large pizza or stromboli order.
Deal #4: Get the Monday Night Special–one large cheese pizza and an order of 10 wings for $12.95.
Good through: Prices subject to change at any time. Check here for more coupons.

Deal: Every Monday get a large cheese pizza for $7.29.
Good through: No need for coupon and no limit. You can get this special all day.

• Deal #1: Get a large cheese pizza for $6.99.
• Deal #2: Get two large cheese pizzas for $16.99.
• Deal #3: Get $1 off any Pizalad.
• Deal #4: Receive 10 percent off any order of $20 or more.  
Good through: Tuesday, May 31.

Deal #1:
Choose Any Two Deal for $5.99 you can get a medium two-topping pizza, eight-piece chicken wings or eight-piece boneless chicken.
Deal #2: Get one medium Domino's American Legends pizza for $10.99
• Deal #3: For $19.99 you can get a two large, one-topping pizza and a 2-litre bottle of Coca-Cola.
Good through: Call for expiration date.

Deal #1:
Get two small plain pizzas for $12.99.
Deal #2: Get one large pizza, a 2-liter bottle of coke and two french fries for $14.99.
• Deal #3: Get one large plain pizza, 10 wings and a 2-liter bottle of coke for $18.99.       
Good through: Monday, May 9.                

Deal #1:
Get $2 off any gourmet pizza.
• Deal #2: Get $2 off any Sicilian pizza.
• Deal #3 : Get $5 off any two medium pizzas.
• Deal: Get 10 percent off any order.
Good through: Tuesday, May 31. View coupons here.


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