Marple Newtown Businesses that Closed in 2012

Several local businesses shuttered their doors this past year.

2012 brought a few changes in the Marple Newtown area, including a few businesses that shuttered its doors this past year.

Below are some of the businesses in Marple Newtown that closed in 2012.

Wallace Jewelers: After 15 years of serving the Marple Newtown community with fine jewelry, Wallace Jewelers announced their retirement in November. 

Mattress Giant: The mattress store has served the Marple Newtown community throughout the years with their selection of mattresses, pillows, bed frames and furniture. The store shuttered its doors sometime early fall. 

Home Lighting 2 LLC: This store specialized in light fixtures for home decorating and had shuttered its doors earlier this year. The site was reopened as a nail salon.

Casale: Okay, so, Casale didn't shutter its doors this year but they did close a chapter on its formerly named restaurant The Newtown Grill. .

Winner's Circle: This sports bar is just beside the border of Newtown and Edgmont townships and just recently closed for business, .


Which of the businesses that closed this year will you miss the most? Did we miss a business that closed this past year on the list? Tell us in the comments below.

Concrete Artisans December 27, 2012 at 10:52 PM
It's sad to see any business close. Someone patronized them at sometime and will miss their services. I'm more of an optimist and would like to hear positive news about new businesses that have taken up where ones have closed in 2012. May 2013 be the turning point for our economy and may our local businesses flourish. Best of luck to those retiring and to the others moving on to the next adventure!


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