Moms Eat Local: A Cut Above Deli

Find out how kid-friendly A Cut Above Deli in Havertown is.

First we gave you the full review last week, now we bring you the Mom review. Moms know how tough it can be to eat out with little ones. Patch wants to help you know before you walk in the door if A Cut Above Deli is a good place to eat with your children.


Is there a kids’ menu? Not officially, but kids can order whatever kind of sandwich they want from basic tuna fish to turkey and cheese. Sandwiches come in small, half and full sizes. Half of a small sandwich would be ideal for a kid. There are plenty of Tastykake snacks and all sorts of Herr's chips. 

Are there healthy options on the kids’ meal? Turkey, tuna fish, roast beef and vegetarian sandwiches are all fairly healthy. 

How does the restaurant deal with food allergies? Alert the staff and they will be as accommodating as possible. 

Is the restaurant so quiet that any childish outburst will draw attention or is there enough noise that a small cry is likely to go unnoticed? It's always lively inside. Small cries would go unnoticed.


For the full review of A Cut Above Deli, read .


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