Moms Eat Local: Great Harvest Bread Co.

Find out how kid-friendly Great Harvest Bread Co. in Newtown Square is.

Moms know how tough it can be to eat out with little ones. Patch wants to help you know before you walk in the door if Newtown Square's newly opened Great Harvest Bread Co. is a good place to eat with your children.

Restaurant: Great Harvest Bread Co.

Is there a kids’ menu? Not officially, but what kid doesn't love baked goods?

 Are there healthy options on the kids’ meal? There are many whole grain options, low-carb options and even gluten-free bread ( Note: their gluten-free bread is not available all the time).

How does the restaurant deal with food allergies? Alert the staff of your allergy and they will notify you of what you can and can not eat.

Is the restaurant so quiet that any childish outburst will draw attention or is there enough noise that a small cry is likely to go unnoticed? Kids and babies are more than welcome. It'll be fun for them to see all the different racks of bread. There is also a kids' table inside with coloring pages and crayons available.

For the Meet the Chef/Owner of Great Harvest Bread Co., check back with Marple Newtown Patch on Thursday.


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