From Hoarders to Antique Gems: What Goes Around...Consignments & More

What Goes Around...Consignments & More sells antiques, furniture, home decor, art and a little bit of everything else on West Chester Pike in Broomall.

BROOMALL–The address of , 2548 West Chester Pike, has undergone dramatic changes over the past year. 

The location used to house a different consignment shop, The Great Exchange, whose owner was featured on A&E's television show Hoarders.

Present-day owner Ken Petry, of Broomall, went into The Great Exchange one day for a liquidation sale and got to talking with the owner. 

"I just stumbled on to it when I stopped in," Petry said. "The opportunity presented itself and I ended up buying it."

Just as the previous owner welcomed change in her life by saying goodbye to her consignment store, Petry was happy to turn his lifelong interest of antiques and collectibles into a profession after 30 years in food service management. 

Owned by Petry since Nov. 1, 2011, the consignment shop aims to offer unique and interesting things from vintage and modern furniture to 1940s radio consoles. 

However, before he could pursue his vision for the store, he had to clear out the inventory he purchased from The Great Exchange when he took over.

"The place was a mess. It took awhile to get the store set up the way it is now," said Petry. 

At What Goes Around...Consignments & More, consignors get 50 percent of the selling price for items sold.

Petry loves both the people and items that come through his door, and customers have given very positive feedback on the store's new look.

With his friendly approach and good eye for valuables, the owner sometimes finds himself as an appraiser for customers who want to know what their stuff is worth, similar to Antiques Roadshow, a role he doesn't mind.

"The things that come in surprise me sometimes," said Petry. "I have stuff that you don't find anywhere."

For a better look at what the consignment store has to offer, check out the photo gallery above or, better yet, stop in when you get the chance.

Here are the store hours for What Goes Around...Consignments & More: 

Sun-Mon: closed; Tues-Fri: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sat: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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