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Will Marple Walmart Workers Strike on Black Friday?

Walmart workers are planning to strike at 1,000 locations across the country on Black Friday.

SPRINGFIELD–Walmart has been receiving backlash from its employees after announcing they will open on Thanksgiving, reports the Huffington Post.

A 24-year Walmart associate Mary Pat Tifft, started the ptition after the reailer's announcement that it would open stores at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, according to Huffington Post. So far, more than 30,000 people have signed an online petition on MoveOn.org asking Walmart not to make its employees work on Thanksgiving. 


Steven Restivo, director of corporate affairs of Walmart stores, responded to Walmart opening on Thanksgiving Day with the following:

"We appreciate our associates for everything they do to serve our customers during this busy shopping season and every day throughout the year.  Most of our stores are open 24 hours and, historically, much of our Black Friday preparations have been done on Thanksgiving, which is not unusual in the retail industry. Last year, our highest customer traffic during the Black Friday weekend was during the 10 p.m. hour on Thursday and our associates helped to provide a great shopping experience," said Restivo.

Restivo said Walmart expects to have more than one million associates working throughout the holiday weekend and excited about Black Friday plans. "This is the Super Bowl for retailers and we’re ready," said Restivo. "Our associates care about providing a great customer experience on Black Friday and we’re confident that’s what customers will have at Walmart this year."

In regards to a potential strike or walkout at the Marple Walmart stores, Restivo said, "I can’t speak to what may or may not happen at an individual store, but we’re prepared to have a great event and we’ll be open and ready to take care of our customers."

Restivo added, "Walmart has some of the best jobs in retail – our pay and benefits typically meet or exceed what’s offered by the majority of our competitors; we promote from within; our turnover rate is below the industry average and our associate satisfaction scores have trended higher over the past few years. We have more than a quarter million associates that have worked for us for more than 10 years."

Stacy Cannon November 23, 2012 at 02:20 PM
Well these people should be greatful that they have a job and if they don't want it I am sure there are plenty of people in each community that can fulfill those positions
JES November 23, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Stacy maybe you should become a little more educated on the subject before you make a remark. Most if not all of the nonmanagement associates are thankful to have a job. However, the factory workers in China are treated better than nonmanagement associates are. They don't have set hours. Management is cute enough to change schedule hours without notification and then fire them for not showing up. They give the associates an unrealistic timeframe in which to accomplish tasks. You may be asked to work extra an hour and then the next day have to come in an hour later. While that may sound great to you, Wal-Mart then avoids paying you the "half" of the time and a half you should have been paid. Then don't get injured on the job because now you are stuck the rest of your life with the injury you have because they don't take care of you with and you can't afford the medical treatment costs. Oh and by the way the wages barely, if at all, covers a roof over their head and a vehicle to get them to work. Never mind that to eat they must resort to foods stamps. But they are there for you on Black Friday and ever other day of the year, except Christmas, so you can spend your paycheck you are so entitled to. While this is still a free country and you are entitled to your opinion, it would be wise of you to research your facts, maybe walk a mile in their shoes and then maybe, just maybe open your mouth.


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