Delco SPCA Stops Accepting Strays Jan. 1; County Implements Interim Plan

The Delaware County SPCA will begin its transition to a lifesaving organization on Jan. 1 as Delaware County mobilizes it's interim plan while an animal control facility is built.

MEDIA–The will transition to a lifesaving organization on Jan. 1 and begin to concentrate its resources on adoptions and preventative and educational programs in an effort to protect and improve the health and welfare of companion animals.

The non-profit organization will no longer accept stray animals, however, they will continue to receive "owner surrenders" in the new year.

Delaware County is building a and it is scheduled for completion in July. Until the new shelter is open, strays from and Marple townships, will be taken by local animal control officers to Chester County SPCA, at 1212 Phoenixville Pike in West Chester.

After and an additional, the Delaware County SPCA will now focus on fighting the problems that cause animal overpopulation and suffering in communities, according to Delco SPCA Director of Community Relations Justina Calgiano.

"Adoptions will continue to be our highest priority," said Executive Director of the Delaware County SPCA Rick Matelsky. "With reallocated resources, we will be operating seven days a week and expanding our programs that further our mission."

Owner surrenders will continue at the SPCA but will be by appointment only and as space and resources allow.

Matelsky continued, "We offer families caring for cats and dogs, assistance through our pet food bank and low-cost veterinary care, yet if the family is simply unable to care for the pet, that we would deem adoptable and able to care for based on our space availability, we will accept the dog or cat to help find the pet a new home."

According to Calgiano, the Delco SPCA will continue investigating, caring for and ideally adopting out animals brought in by its humane investigator. Instances of animal cruelty can be reported to 610-566-1370 ext. 214.

The humane organization will also take in adoptable cats and dogs from animal shelters that are in danger of being euthanized. The Delco SPCA hopes to work with the new Municipal Animal Shelter and other animal shelters to transfer animals at risk of being euthanized back to the SPCA's Adoption Center as space and resources permit, according to Calgiano.

A list of adoptable animals, upcoming events, including low-cost microchipping and vaccination clinics as well as opportunities to be a part of the Delco SPCA’s lifesaving mission by volunteering, fostering or donating, can be found at www.delcospca.org.

County Interim Plan

Pet owners are reminded to get their , which is the best way to find a lost dog. for any dog three years or older. For those who do not have a license for their dog, a $300 fine per unlicensed animal can be issued.

Residents who find a stray cat or dog in Delaware County should first try to locate the owner by looking up the animals license on the Delaware County website. Click on the Return a Lost Dog link and enter the license type and number to access the owner's phone number.

For dogs and cats without tags, contact the animal control officer in your municipality or call 911. Strays taken to the Chester County SPCA by residents will not be accepted.

To report or reclaim a lost dog, call the Chester County SPCA at 610-692-6113, ext. 12, and provide detailed information.


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