Fun Winter Activities to Break Your Family's Cabin Fever in Marple Newtown

From skiing and ice skating to bowling and game nights, here is a list of fun activities to do with your family this winter.

Most families are exhibiting signs of cabin fever at this time of year, especially with a big winter storm on its way to the area. The sibling sniping is at record levels, the toddler whining is incessant and tweens and teens are fixated on their electronic devices. Time to cure your family of cabin fever with these 10 fun ideas for activities the whole family will enjoy.

  1. Get outside and play. Check out these local place to pick up discounted ski lift tickets or ice skating at these local skating rinks. You can also try other snow adventures such as sledding at these local notorious hills.
  2. Pool party. Take the family swimming indoors at the Suburban Swim Club or Marple Newtown High School.
  3. Family film festival. Celebrate the upcoming Academy Awards with a marathon of your family’s favorite flicks. View movies from your own collection, check out DVDs from Marple Public Library and Newtown Public Library.
  4. Arts and crafts bash. Get a group of friends together for a “craft bash” at your house with activities for both adults and kids. Ask a friend who loves to knit or draw to share his or her skill at the party. Not crafty? Head to A.C. Moore and ask employees for suggestions on craft and activity kits with instructions. 
  5. Serve others. Nothing brings a family out of a cabin fever funk like serving others. Find local volunteer activities where you can volunteer or donate canned foods with your whole family at St. Mark's United Methodist Church's food bank where they are in need of donations.
  6. Bowl! Bowling is a fun indoor activity for the whole family, from toddlers to teens. You can bowl at Sproul Lanes on Sproul Road in Springfield.
  7. Family game night. Playing board games together can be a great way to bond—and pick up some math or spelling skills. You can find great old school games like Scrabble and Monopoly at Learning Express.
  8. Put on a show. Got toddlers? Grab some puppets and make a "stage” together from an empty box for hours of fun. Elementary-age kids? Invite over some of their friends, drag out some “costumes” from your clothes or a dress-up box and encourage them to put on a play. Plan a “make a movie” afternoon for your tween and teen with their friends. Give them some ideas for making a video with their friends, loan them a video recording device such as a smartphone or iPad and then host their “movie premiere,” followed by a showing of their favorite movie.
  9. Take a class together. Marple Newtown Recreation Center and A.C. Moore offers some great classes for the whole family, including cake decorating to adult open volleyball and basketball, and more.
  10. Start a book club. Winter is the perfect time to start a family book club. Pick a book the whole family will enjoy and read aloud to younger kids or let tweens or teens pick a book they want to read that you'll read too. Discuss over a dinner featuring food reflecting the book’s themes. You can also start a mother and daughters or fathers and sons book club with your friends. Check out what some of the top 10 borrowed books were from Marple Public Library and Newtown Public Library for some suggestions.


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