Help Find This Lop-Eared, Gentle Bunny a Home

Amelia is about an 8-month-old rabbit, who is ready to be part of a family and finally receive the care and attention she deserves. Amelia ended up in a city shelter well before her first birthday because her original family found they didn’t have time to take care of her. Fortunately for her, the shelter contacted the , and we had foster space available.

Amelia settled right into her foster home and was happy to have a roomy pen to stretch her legs and a big bowl of hay to fill her tummy. Amelia has silky long lop ears and markings the color of butterscotch on her snowy white fur. There’s such a gentle, delicate look to her face, and she has a sweet, gentle personality to match.

Would you like to meet Amelia and see if she’s the right bunny girl for your home? She’d love to meet you anytime. Contact pabunnylady@aol.com for more info or to set up a time to get together.

Please learn about proper rabbit care before deciding to adopt. Rabbits are not easy, low maintenance, “starter” pets. To learn more, check out the website www.rabbit.org and the book, Rabbits for Dummies, by Audrey Pavia. ACDC’s rabbit director can also provide you with a packet of rabbit care information. Amelia is available for adoption through the Animal Coalition of Delaware County. Visit www.acdc.ws or call 610-876-1479 for more information.


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