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Facebook is one of the ways you can get Marple Newtown Patch news online.

—or to encourage your friends to do so—by providing examples of how it's a mutually beneficial deal.

One example is seeing all of Marple Newtown Patch's Instagram photos–from events to meetings and to things seen around town, we've posted neighborhood photos in an album on Marple Newtown Patch's Facebook page

And here are a few more examples of what's happening on Marple Newtown Patch's Facebook page:

Sharing Local Information–A Brookside Road resident informed Marple Newtown Patch Facebook fans that Bryn Mawr Avenue in Newtown Square was still closed after Hurricane Sandy. 

Another resident posted a photo of a car accident she saw in Broomall earlier this summer, informing and alerting residents of the accident.

Asking Questions–One Marple Newtown Patch Facebook fan asked what was going on with the former Blockbuster site in Newtown Square. We were able to help this fan with the answer that Verizon Wireless was approved to take over that site.

Getting More Traffic to Helping Others in the Community–After reading a recent police blotter on Marple Newtown Patch about an 87-year-old woman who was recently duped in a phone scam and lost nearly her entire life savings, a local resident posted on Marple Newtown Patch's Facebook page a donation fund that her family set up to help give back to this woman. 

ted seiler December 15, 2012 at 03:33 PM
I want to say that I think Dave McGinley did a FABULOUS job as president of the MN school board and it will be some time before they find someone with his political knowhow and chops to lead that board.Great job Dave.I think it's time to move on to something worth your efforts where you can be appreciated.


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