Leaf Pickup For Newtown Precinct 8 Starts This Week

Newtown Township will be collecting leaves for the first and fourth precincts this week until Nov. 2.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–Just a reminder for Newtown Township residents living in the eighth precinct of the township: leaf collection begins this week. All week, residents the eighth precinct can pile their leaves for pickup by curbside until Nov. 2. 

The township reminds residents of the following tips: 

  1. All leaves must be at curbside by the first day of your allotted time for pickup.
  2. Rake your leaves (no branches) into even piles at the edge of your property behind the curb. NOT IN THE STREET.
  3. Rake your leaves to a position inside the sidewalk. Do not rake the leaves past the sidewalk or into the street where they will clog the gutters and storm drains. 
  4. If a landscaper is to be used, instruct the landscaper to blow or rake the leaves to inside the sidewalk, and not in the street. Landscapers who dump leaves that have been compacted face the possibility of fines. 
  5. There is no dumping in Newtown Township. 
  6. Leaf collection will be picked up by precincts. 
  7. After the scheduled collection period has passed, leaves may be bagged and put out in your regular trash.

Other tips for leaf season:

  1. Start a compost pile in your backyard. The best details on how to compost are available at themunicipal building.
  2. Burning leaves is strictly prohibited in Newtown Township.
  3. During Drought Emergencies “Open Burning” is banned.

Don't know what precinct you live in? You can find your street and which precinct you live in here. 


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