Everyday Inspirations: Joe Veloric a Longtime Volunteer Firefighter

Patch readers told us who the "Everyday Inspirations" in their communities are, and we're sharing their stories and the work they've done locally.

Photo provided by Lynn Veloric
Photo provided by Lynn Veloric
Everyday Inspirations is a series that features people in Patch communities who inspire others through their work, or people who have faced extraordinary situations and grown from them. They have been featured by other people in the community that have been inspired by the nominees.

Name: Joe Veloric
Town: Broomall, PA
Nominated by: Lynn Veloric

Why is this person an "Everyday Inspiration?" 

Joe works at the 911 Center, in the EMT Program at DCCC and has been a dedicated volunteer firefighter with Broomall Fire Company for 40 years. When asthma ended his ability to fight fire, he went to Fire Police and is Fire Police Captain. Five years ago he also joined Lima Fire Company (now Rocky Run) as a driver.

His dedication to the people, the community, surrounding communities and the fire service has never wavered. Thousands of calls, community events, parades and special assignments later, he remains as dedicated as he has been from day one.

Last year he prepared and entered the Traffic Unit in the County Fire Parade and placed third against many fire apparatus. His pride in the fire service and dedication is unwavering. He is my husband and I'm proud of all his accomplishments and to be his wife.

How does this person work to make others' lives better?

His endless dedication to the fire service and community has assured the safety of countless lives in various emergency and non-emergency situations.


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