America Needs a New and 'Viable' Political Party

It is time for real change in America.

As we approach yet another presidential election this November, I see little change coming out of Washington in the next four years because under the current two-party system, nothing will really change in the way business is conducted in our nation’s capital.

No matter who is elected president in November, the American people will see little or no change in their daily lives due in part, to the current political stronghold of the two-party system where recognizing one from the other has become almost impossible.  It is a political environment of partisanship and distrust because while during an election year a candidate promises change, once he or she is elected, change is delegated to the back burner and it is back to business as usual.

It is time for real change in these United States; it is time for this country to have a new, strong and viable third political party to offset the political power of this country that for too long has had a stronghold on the political discourse of this nation. Today’s two-party system exists solely for the powerful, the special interests, large corporations and big business.

In the current political environment both republicans and democrats are daily being bought and sold by the Washington’s elite political organizations. Our government by the people and for the people has become an Oligarchy; a monumental political embarrassment that works solely for large corporations and the special interest groups that in every election spend billions of dollars to elect their candidate.

It is a government where the people who carry the burden of taxation have no real say in the decision making process or in the discussion of the current issues and events. Today, as we look forward to this November presidential and congressional elections, we see a country divided, a political landscape ripe for an inclusive and viable third political party. A new party that serves the needs of the large middle class, the taxpayers that in recent years has been ignored by both, the democrats and the republicans.

This November, fifty percent of Americans will go to the polls voting for a candidate that it is not their ideal choice to run this great country for the next four years.  In fact, due to this apathy, a good percentage of the voting population will not even venture to vote because these people feel that no matter which candidate wins in November, nothing will be done in the next four years to make any difference in their personal lives in spite of all the rhetoric during an election year.

It is time for change in the United States of America. The American people must support historic changes in the structure of the current political system. We must ask and demand a new political system of inclusion where other voices can be heard for the betterment of our society. We must reform our current two-party system that year after year, stifles the economic and political progress of this country. 

Independent candidates can no longer be excluded from debating the current issues of the day. Political contributions must be regulated so that every candidate has a fair chance of being nominated independently of political affiliation. The rules that currently apply to democrats and republicans should also be extended to other candidates.

The system cannot exclude those candidates from debates and other political discourse that, because the rules are stacked against them, are unable to raise enough money for participation. Independent candidates must have the same status that currently is reserved for the two front-runners of the two major political parties.

Yes, just as others have done in past presidential elections, today independent
candidates have no chance of being nominated let alone elected. For 200 years, this nation has survived under the banner of the two party systems. Today, America needs an established independent party to offset the concentrated power of the two-party system. It is time for inclusion; we have had enough of the two-party system that today resembles two-sides of the same coin. Our political system in Washington needs fresh blood because the current political environment has become anemic at best.

The time is now to end the stronghold of presidential politics. America is ripe for a strong and viable national third political party.  It is time for real change in America, because the two-party system has outlived its existence. 

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