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Romney-Ryan: A Winning Ticket in November

Obama, please abdicate. Romney is the next president of the United States.

Today, after listening to last night’s Romney’s acceptance speech to become the next president of the United States, I am proud to be an American. I remember well the last time I had that same feeling; it was in 1980 when Ronald Reagan campaigned and became the 40th president of this country. 

Reagan was by all accounts the greatest president of my generation because he instilled the feeling of patriotism in people throughout this country and throughout the world.  

Ronald Reagan brought this country out of Jimmy Carter’s malaise of the 1970s and into the shining city on hill. Carter’s malaise in the four years of his administration had this country to its knees with 20 percent inflation, 20 percent interest rates, a soft economy, high gasoline prices, high unemployment and the lowest prestige around the world. The United States before Reagan was humiliated around the world when Khomeini held 52 Americans as hostages for almost a year. 

Yes, the America of Jimmy Carter was a country in decline and had not Ronald Reagan come to the rescue, I do not want to believe what the United States would be today.

Today, here we are again at a time when this country is declining ever so fast and becoming another country to be placed in the annals of mediocrity. America is falling and is falling fast.

President Obama is failing the people that put him in office. He promised change and a new day and instead what we got are choking regulations, four years of high unemployment, gasoline prices that are choking every American who drives, a housing market that continues to drag on the economy, a healthcare system that has costs rising exponentially, food prices increasing more than 30 percent on the average, high taxes for working people, skyrocketing budget deficits, a billion dollar debt to China and a social agenda that resembles more of a communist country rather than the United States of America. 

This administration has been and continues to be an administration of failure and it is time for Obama to abdicate. Today, for the second time in 30 years, the United States needs another savior and today we have one in the name Mitt Romney. 

Mitt Romney, unlike the cronies in Washington and Obama himself, is not a lawyer. He is a businessman with proven records, the kind of person this country needs to get us out of the Obama’s malaise that is destroying the very fabric of this country. 

Romney’s zeal for America and his expertise in business is what America needs,
wants and demands. We can no longer take a back step and become another failed government entity. The United States must at all counts preserve the Republican ideals of our founding fathers, the men of steel who made this country the greatest country on earth through their hard work, diligence, initiative and motivation.

I listened to Romney’s story last night, because his story is the story of every American who understands what it takes to be successful. It is the story of my grandfather, my father and others like them. It is the story of Paul Ryan, the vice presidential candidate. In short, it is the story of every American who believes that success is achieved only through hard work and personal responsibility. 

Mr. Romney knows what it takes to be successful because he spent his entire life in the business world creating jobs for people. How can any of us we expect the same from our Mr. Obama who never held a job outside the government? Is it any wonder that he is so obsessed with creating jobs in the public sector? How can he understand that wealth is not created by the government but by the people in the private sector through their ingenuity, motivation and hard work? These are the ideals of our republic, these are the ideals that my father cherished, and these are the ideals that separate us from the rest of the world.

Yes, this November, the people of the United States have a clear choice for president of the United States.  Do we want to continue with the status quo of mediocrity with stifling job growth, stifling regulations, continued high unemployment and high taxes or, do we want to become once again the greatest nation on earth with job growth, low taxes, a flourishing economy and greater freedom for the individual?   

This November, the answer is a clear one. Let us send Mr. Obama packing and elect Mr. Romney as the next president of the United States of America.

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