Somerset/Terrazza Plan For Newtown is a Total Travesty

Why are we building more apartments for Newtown Township?

The approval of developer Della Porta’s proposal to erect 250 multi-family apartments off Route 252 at the intersection of Newtown Street Road and Gradyville Road is another careless kind of economic maneuvering in a town where too many residents already struggle to pay their real estate and township taxes. 

I was one of those concerned citizens who attended Monday’s night meeting at the township administration building in Newtown Township and let me just say that what I heard about the land development plan for the Somerset/Terrazza was shocking. 

Apparently, a few years before, the supervisors approved the general overall plan to build apartments and condos. In order to enact such a plan, Dealla Porta had to convince the township to change the zoning laws of Newtown Township—something that I find very questionable. 

The building site is situated in an area where traffic is already at a standstill on 252 during peak hours. Such a situation will cause a terrible traffic jam for the area not to mention, the costs involved for such a proposition.

Why would anyone with common sense want to approve the building of multi-level apartment buildings in our beautiful township that more often than not would later attract low-income people. In just a few years, if the economy continues to fall, these so-called “luxury” apartments could end up in section 8. 

Apartments eventually lower the standards of our neighborhood. This is a fact.  What “luxury” apartments are still “luxury”?  One great example of a luxury apartment going to section 8 is the supposedly Holly Brook apartments on West Chester Pike.

Another disturbing proposal for this development was the use of 12-inch drain system instead of the standard 15-inch that is normally used to preventing clogging. One of the supervisors did bring that issue up and the developer promised that he would take care of the problem if it occurred. 

When I first purchased my home in Bryn Mawr more than 30 years ago, I owned one of 42 high-end single homes built along Bryn Mawr avenue known as, “The Hills of Bryn Mawr."  Well, everyone’s home, including mine, experienced problems in both the exterior and interior of the homes. The builder/developer who promised to take care of everything was nowhere to be found. 

Homeowners, including me, were left to pay the bills for the developer‘s inferior work. Numerous lawsuits were brought against this developer but, as usual, nothing came out of it. The homeowners were left to pay for all of the expenses. So I have a problem when a developer promises to fix issues that later appear.

The last troubling fact about this project is with the current real estate taxes always on the rise, why would anyone at the township want to approve the building of more apartments?

An increase in population growth more often than not, requires more schools, more services and more overall general expenses. If Della Porta wanted to improve and embellish Newtown Square by the erection of the Somerset/Terrazza complex, why not have these apartments age-restricted 55 and older where the cost would be a limited one and at the same time, help many of seniors who are being pushed out of their homes due to the ever increasing real estate/township taxes and other fixed home-ownership costs.

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A friend of Newtown square September 30, 2012 at 03:34 PM
John, Maybe the fact that township manger mike trios wife is employed by dellaporta? The next zoning change in Newtown on west chester pike which would benefit attorneys Rocco imperatrice and mike gillin, officer of NS INVESTMENTS( a pa corporation) and past president of the corporation. Nassif samarani-current president of the corporation who is assumed to have direct ties to an underground terrorist organization in Lebanon. A direct financial interest of the GOP leader(mike gillin) and multimillionaire as well as an outspoken anti-semite with the land developer abraham khoury( a direct relative of nassif samarani). An imminent zoning change on west chester pike would financially benefit mike gillin and Rocco( a major financial supporter of mike gillin) Ns investments(1012 forest ln, Edgmont, pa) the property currently under the patriot act investigation. Seems like the property in edgmont was used as the financial payoff($400,000) To gillin to keep local law enforcement at bay by the Middle East organization ! Now, the savvy gillin takes his name off of the public records of the corporation, but the partnership agreements say otherwise!! Its our understanding that Homeland security has been on top of this one! Thank god for the patriot act! NOW THAT'S A ZONING CHANGE worth fighting for!
david jordon October 02, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Wow "friend" they are some VERY serious accusations your throwing around. I hope for your sake there is some merit to them. Otherwise, you may see yourself at the end of a goverment investigation. Some heavy rocks your throwing around! Be very carefull when making those type of accusations. Especially "patriot act" investigations.
david jordon October 02, 2012 at 07:15 PM
By the way, According the Twp web site Trio came on board in the summer of 2011. Trio wasn't even the manager when the general plan was approved "years ago" Get your info right!
DMC October 03, 2012 at 02:44 PM
I agree David. If this "friend of Newtown Square" was a real friend of Newtown Square he would know that Abraham Khoury and his family help local organizations in town, feed those that are hungry and if you ever forget your wallet he would say pay me next time you are in the restaurant. Abraham and his family, proud American citizens, work 7 days a week putting in 12-15 hour days with only Sunday working a few less hours. Like my Irish ancestors that faced discrimination by close minded people many years ago when they first came to this country and it is sad to see it still going on here in Newtown Square. Your rambling thoughts are ridiculous and your accusations should be reported to the proper authorities. A true friend of Newtown Square would wish success for all residents not be jealous that others hard work has helped their family and the community that they serve.


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