Restaurant Review Highlights Of 2011

The greatest hits from a year of eating, writing and reviewing for Marple Newtown Patch.

While at the gym today, I had the chance to read a recap of the year’s biggest events and trendsetters in the magazine of record, People.

Obviously, I am being a bit tongue in cheek... and while I can’t offer any beauty secrets from everyone’s favorite scene-stealing royal bridesmaid—or inspirational quotes from the cast of Bridemaids—I humbly present highlights from my inaugural year of dining/reviewing for Marple Newtown Patch.

This is not an all encompassing list, just some of the greatest hits. Happy New Year, Marple Newtown Patch, may 2012 be even better!

Start your day off right!


Best Coffee:

They roast their own beans! Need I say more?  Small batch, local roasters, Burlap and Bean also supply other coffeehouses in the area. The coffee drinks are always piping hot and full of flavor. The limited menu offers tasty bites for breakfast, lunch or afternoon snacks. Click for the review.


Best Doughnuts:

I don’t exaggerate when I say that I pick up a sugar raised or glazed doughnut whenever I am in the neighborhood. These homemade baked goods have been made the same way for generations and the commitment to quality ingredients shines through. Click for the Meet the Owner.


Eat your heart out!


Best Bowl of Pasta:

The chef here takes the modest pasta amatriciana and pumps it up with chunks of pancetta and rigatoni. The dish is heavy on garlic and olive oil (in a good way), and the perfect dish for a cold winter’s night. Click to read more.


Best Pork Sandwich:

A chef friend told me about the sandwiches at this unassuming store front. I ordered the roast pork sandwich and could smell the intoxicating aromas the entire drive home. Tender succulent pork with hints of rosemary and garlic on a fresh roll, this sandwich becomes something far greater than the sum of its individual parts. Click for the review.


Best Place to Have an International Adventure:

Don’t let the name fool you, this place has much more than just Armenian delights. Goods from all over the Mediterranean and Middle East are available at this hidden gem. Definitely try some of the products made in-house. Click for the review.


Best Sushi:

A hardcore perfectionist is at the helm at this sushi restaurant. The fish is fresh and the prices quite reasonable. The chef won’t tell you about the amazing press he used to receive when he worked at a big deal sushi restaurant downtown, but the training and pedigree are evident in his preparations. Click for the review.


Best Place to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth:

If you time your visit correctly, you can see them enrobing candies, fruit and nuts in chocolate. The gigantic chocolate bars and lollipops are straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What’s even nicer is that they have sugar-free candy so everyone can indulge. Click for the review.


Best Place to Feel/Eat Like an Italian:

This place has everything you could possibly want from Italy. Cheeses, meats, breads, olive oils, tomato everything, amaretti cookies, pasta, pasta and more pasta! Luigi and Giovanni is a super-Italian-market. Click for the review.


Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve! I can’t wait for Jan. 1, 2012. To quote one of my favorite singers, Nina Simone, “It’s a new dawn, a new day and I’m feeling good.” I hope you’re feeling good too. If not, eat more leafy greens! See you at the gym!


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