Billboards Will Degrade The Environment in Newtown

Paul Seligson, a Newtown Square resident, writes a letter to the editor on the billboard issue in town.

Proposed location of billboard: West Chester Pike/Rt. 3, between Mill Hollow Lane and cement bridge leading to Edgmont Township opposite Subaru dealership.

When my wife and I first heard of a Digital Outdoor Monument Sign being considered for the township property at the very front of our homestead, we thought for the sake of Newtown Township and to avoid three larger placed 68-feet-high billboards over air rights of existing Newtown merchants, we could live with this and be a team player.

Having driven down to south Rt. 202 in Westtown Township to inspect a sign of the same size, (photo attached) Please notice the sign size vs. me standing at the left pillar. I believe the sign size for the scale of this piece of land is just too large.

The sign would sit atop an 8 foot berm and begin 5 feet above that for a total of starting at 14 feet high. In total, the top of the sign would be approximately 35 feet up from ground level. Going into the woods, with all the pillers and façade treatment, it would probably reach a distance of 50 feet.

I appreciate that the entire affair is to be planted with trees and landscaped with shrubs and plants however I am not able to visualize this size of sign on piece of land which paces off approximately 120 feet long.

We really enjoy living in Newtown Township and, personally, I am committed to improving not degrading the environment.

While supporting the concept of “thinking outside the box” allowing individuals to propose novel economic enterprises which offer expanded services to residents, Outdoor Signs [Bartkowski Investment Group] has no value other than the monetary gain for those involved. I apologize that I cannot get on board with this initiative.

Paul Seligson

Newtown Square resident

Jim Kisela March 24, 2012 at 03:27 PM
These signs are a safety hazard and an aesthetic abomination in this proposed location. We agree with Paul's conclusion.
Jennifer March 25, 2012 at 02:35 PM
I agree with Paul's conclusion also. I would also to hate to see property values drop in that location due to homes not being able to be sold because of the billboard. Let's face it, people are picky about the littlest things when it comes to buying a home & having a big billboard near their potential new home is not going to make selling any easier for the owners. The billboard will give buyers bargaining power which could greatly decrease the value at which the home should be sold for.


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