Cute Chloe is a Loving Maine Coon Mix Cat

Chloe is available for adoption through the Animal Coalition of Delaware County.

Some words to describe Chloe: loving, gentle, sweet, friendly, demanding of attention, family-oriented, loves to be brushed, loves wet food, and when she meows she squeaks.

Chloe is a front-declawed Maine Coon mix that has many of the characteristics of this lovely breed. She is highly people-oriented but not overly dependent.  She prefers to "hang out" with "her people," investigating whatever activity they're involved in and "helping" when she can. As typical of Maine Coons, she is not a "lap cat" but she will stay close by, occupying the chair next to yours instead.

She doesn't mind being held for short periods of time and really loves
petting and brushing. Chloe follows her foster mom from room to room and waits outside a closed door for her to emerge. She has the cutest tufts between her toes too and her beautiful green eyes are amazing.

She's playful as typical of this breed that remains like a kitten throughout their lives. Chloe likes to play with her water and dip her tufty toes in the dish, and she likes to steal ties from bathrobes and drag them around the house. Chloe is gentle with anyone she meets,  loves to be brushed (important cuz she has long hair that needs regular brushing), and likes to chirp to get your attention. She's a real sweetheart.

Contact the Animal Coalition of Delaware County at 610-876-1479 or visit www.acdc.ws for more information.


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