Dash Will Race Right Into Your Heart

Dash is available for adoption through the Animal Coalition of Delaware County.

Dash is a 4-year-old housetrained bunny. Dash's name came about because he will always come running when he hearshis  special “treat” signal. Despite his penchant for treats, he manages to keep his small size at around 3.5 pounds.

Dash is unique gray-brown in color and has a little white nose on one end and little white tail on the other, which is the perfect balance of color and cuteness.

He is friendly, curious, fun, perfectly litter-box trained, and well behaved. What more could you possibly want in a bunny? When he gets tired, he'll just stretch out wherever he happens to be for a short rest and then he'll be up and about again.

He loves to stand on his hind legs (to spot for treats) and absolutely loves to be petted. He doesn’t chew on things or jump up on furniture, but if you leave a pile of newspapers out he might be inclined to shred them.

Please learn about proper rabbit care before deciding to adopt. Rabbits are NOT easy, low-maintenance, “starter” pets!.To learn more, check out the website www.rabbit.org and the book, "Rabbits for Dummies," by Audrey Pavia. ACDC’s rabbit director can also provide you with a packet of rabbit care information. Contact her at pabunnylady@aol.com.


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