Frugal Family Makes Healthier Choices While Eating Out

Eating out can be fun, healthy, and frugal.

Each week, Frugal Family will feature great deals on local products, services, tickets, meals or anything else that reaps savings for families.

As long as it doesn't end in kids screaming and parents having to scarf down a full meal in a matter of seconds to avoid a major meltdown in public, eating out is a treat for the whole family.

However, dining out can often get pricy as well as unhealthy. Some restaurants are making an effort to make it easier for customers to make healthier choices. Others have great choices if you're willing to get creative with ordering your food.

Fast Food:

Although I am not a fan of fast food, there is one establishment that I have to salute. Chick-fil-A is hands down the best fast food joint in town. They now offer grilled chicken nuggets that are delicious and a big favorite with my kids. Subsitute a fruit cup instead of fries and you have an affordable meal for the little ones that you don't have to feel guilty about.

Brew Pub:

Yes, we take our little girls to brew pubs. Why not? Some breweries have great food. Another favorite of ours is the . As a family we'll split the hummus platter. The kids tear into it and really don't want anything else since it can be quite filling to little bellies. The hummus is great and it comes with pita bread, vegetables, and feta cheese. My husband and I will often get the gumbo and we all leaving feeling satisfied.


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