Great Escape: Audio Books

Escape into another world while doing every day chores.

Being a parent is a demanding, full-time job and finding a little "me time" can be a challenge. Each week, Patch will be finding new great escapes, at least temporarily, from the toils of being a parent.

This week’s Great Escape can be found at any bookstore or library. In our area, that includes:

Getting through a book (an adult book) can be a challenge as a parent, since they require your entire attention. Audio books can allow you a little time to escape while you are still taking care of the business of parenting your child. Audio books can be bought, rented or borrowed as CDs or MP3s. You can even find some still on cassette if that is your preferred media.

This allows you to take your mind elsewhere when you’re sorting laundry or while you’re driving to pick the kids up from school or basketball practice. You can cook dinner and listen to Pride and Prejudice, escaping into Jane Austin’s romantic world.


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