"I Am My Father's Son" on Father's Day !!

I am my father's son today on Father's Day and every day of mthe year because if my father could see me today, he would say, Gianni, you grew up just like me specially where it counts the most. I remember a popular song of years past by the legendary singer and songwriter, Harry Chapin, "Cats in the cradle". How appropriate is that song for me today.
 Yes, I am my father's son where it counts the most because I grew up just like him.  My father is and always will be in heart because my father more than anything, loved people especially the least fortunate amongst us.  My father was the most compassionate person, I have known because, he literally would take his shirt off his back to give to another who needed more than he.   Yes, my father was a man of the people but most importantly, he was a man who put his wife and children first in his life. He cared deeply for the betterment of his family as well as the society he lived in.
I remember when I was just 5 or 6 years old, next door to us lived and old man who was being abused by his son and daughter-in-law.  Tthey would often  punish the 90 year-old man for doing the silliest thing.  They would leave him without food for days.  My father seeing the old man hungry, would bring a dish of spagetti and meatballs on a Sunday's afternoon.  But, my father was more than that.  He was a man of principles and understanding with honor and ethics that in our world today are practically non-existent.  Yes, my father was many things put into one but he was first and foremost, a man of honor, a man who always told the truth no matter what the consequences.  I would often wonder in my younger days if I could ever be as he was.  My father had many friends and was liked by everyone.  My father loved to play card games and he was good at it.  No, in my younger days, I often envied my father because I had not achieved what I saw my father achieved in his life; the love and respect of people.  But today, as I see myself working in the garden, playing my favorite card game, Duplicate bridge and other activities,  I have to say, I am my father's son.  A son that my father would say, "Yes son, you grew up just like me.  My father would bve proud of me because I too love people just as he did.  For my father, success was not the accumulation of money, success was the accumulation of friends.  Today, just as my father, I have lots of friends and for that, I am the richest person on earth. Happy Father's Day to all and God Bless this country that has given me so much.


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