Meet the Chef/Owner: Darren Henderson of Great Harvest Bread Co.

Read our interview with Darren Henderson of Great Harvest Bread Co. in Newtown Square.

What makes an executive for Target leave behind the perks and cush lifestyle to wake up before dawn and spend his days on his feet, dusted with flour? Quite simply, the love of bread. Read below to find out more about this company man turned baker with shops in Wayne, Ardmore and now Newtown Square.

Name: Darren Henderson

Age: 41

Years in Industry: Since June 2010. 

First Kitchen Job: Head baker/owner of three Great Harvest Bread Co. locations. He had been a customer of Great Harvest Bread for six years and wanted to switch into a profession where he was working with something he loved.

Earliest Cooking Memory: Making homemade stew with my grandmother.

Advice for Home Cooks: Keep it simple.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Pace One in Glen Mills, PA.

Favorite Restaurant in the World: Jimmy's Seafood in Dundoff, MD.

Guilty Pleasure: Homemade milkshake with Kahlua or Bailey's.

Favorite Thing to Cook: Chicken on a grill.

Last Meal on Earth: Maryland steamed crabs and cold beer.


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