Meet the Owner: Manhattan Bagel

This week Patch sat down with the owner of Manhattan Bagel in Newtown Square.

Joanne Lee is a soft-spoken and mild mannered woman who shares my love of doughnuts despite being the proprietor of in Newtown Square. She tells Marple Newtown Patch about her love for Korean food and a killer burger in California. Read below to find out more.

Name: Joanne Lee

Age: 49

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Home now: Horsham, PA

Favorite Thing about the Community: People are nice. Everyone is really friendly and polite.

Do you do any community work? We donate bagels, gift certificates and more to schools, charities and many other groups.

Years in the Industry: 2

Earliest Cooking Memory: When I was younger, I cooked with my mom starting around the ages of 10-11. We cooked Korean food together and now my daughter cooks with me and she loves it.

First Kitchen Job: Owner of Manhattan Bagel

What brought you to the industry? I was looking for more enjoyable work.

Biggest Kitchen Disaster: We had a power outtage that lasted two whole days. We had to close for two days, throw everything away because it was ruined and we had to have everything re-inspected. Luckily our insurance covered a good part of it.

Favorite Thing to Cook: Rice, kimchi and noodles.

Favorite Menu Item: Bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel. Although the egg bagel is my favorite.

Healthiest Menu Item: Garden salad.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Bonefish Grill (in Newtown Square/Edgmont Township).

Favorite Restaurant in the World: There was a restaurant in Sausalito, CA, we went to recently. The hamburger there was so nice.

Cook for Any Celebrities? Some Eagles players have come into the shop.

Favorite Food Shows: That guy who says, "Bam!" Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray.

Guilty Pleasure (food or drink): Doughnuts. I love doughnuts.

Last Meal on Earth: Rice, kimchi, and kimchi stew.


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