Review Next Door: Paramour in Wayne

Radnor Patch local editor Sam Strike reviews Paramour restaurant at the Wayne Hotel this week, a great idea for a Valentine's Day lunch.

Restaurant: Paramour (at the Wayne Hotel)
Address: 139 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne
Rating: ★★★★ out of 5 stars
Style: Modern
Food: American
Atmosphere: Contemporary and refined
Parking: Lot
Service: Friendly and accomodating
Price Range: per person
Unique Feature: Outdoor dining in warm months

I guess it's no coincidence that the name of the Wayne Hotel's new restaurant is , which means "lover." If the food there moves you to love, then you would be well placed at the moment.

Well, love is a curious thing. And in my book, very few restaurants earn my love. But the question should be, “Will you go back?”

Yes, I will, and not just because I got a gift certificate from my family for Christmas. But Paramour might remain in my “special occasion” restaurant list, and that’s not quite what owner Steve Bajus is trying to accomplish.

The successful property owner is also the restaurant operator, and he said people can use it for special occasion restaurant, but that there are a lot of small plate and shared plate options that would allow for a casual meeting with a friend or spouse after work. He is also marketing it to people going to a movie who want to grab glass of wine and small bite after.

The issue is that one person may be delighted to pay $19 for a Lobster and Prawn Cocktail (with blood orange sorbet and spicy greens) and another may not. We all live on different financial levels, and we differ on how we want to spend our money.

But let’s talk about the lunch menu.

The menu lends itself nicely to lunch, with items like the Business Express (the chef’s daily selection of hot entree, petite salad and dessert for $17) and The Relationship (half a sandwich, choice of cup of soup or side salad for $17).

But you can also choose a soup and share a flatbread with your dining companion and that makes for a light but satisfying lunch.

Read the full review on Radnor Patch here.


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