Review Next Door: Wolff's Apple House

Perfect for the fall season, Patch food writer Clara Park reviews Wolff's Apple House in Middletown Township.


Address: 81 S. Pennell Rd., Media, PA 19063
Rating: (out of 5 stars): ★★★★
Style: Farmer’s market with prepared goods
Food: Great, most items are local
Atmosphere: Warm and welcoming, reminiscent of a county fair
Parking: Large lot
Service: Very friendly
Price Range: Inexpensive
Unique Features: Local everything--coffee, baked goods, produce, honey and even pasta in addition to plenty of flowers and plants for purchase.

The airport symbol for Chicago O’Hare International Airport is ORD, which doesn’t make any sense until you find out that where the airport exists used to be an orchard. Consider ORD a truncation of orchard. Likewise, in Middletown Township is a farmers’ market that also used to be an apple orchard.

I was feeling under the weather in more ways than one but a trip to Wolff’s cured all of that. I had a ball, eyeing all the local produce, products and prepared foods. Everything looks good enough to eat and I thought I would take the time to teach you some of my farmers’ market tips as we begin this new school year.

Eating locally is quite easy at Wolff’s because most of the inventory is local. Make sure to take a peek at the "local board" on your way in to see exactly what is available. When asked why it’s better to eat local I explain that produce is just like us. You know how you feel after sitting through a 12 hour plane or car ride in a cramped position? Well your fruits and vegetables feel the same way.

An apple that has traveled 25 miles is going to taste and look better than one that was picked before it was ripe, sprayed with chemicals to delay ripening, then traveled 2,500 miles only to be sprayed with more chemicals to resume the ripening process. There is a wide variety of apples at Wolff’s and while the honey crisp variety is enjoying her day in the sun, I am and forever will be partial to gala apples. Don’t be afraid to try different kinds of apples (or anything for that matter) and see which one is your favorite.

Read the full review on Media Patch here. To meet the owner of Wolff's Apple House, click here.


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