Take a Hike, Marple Newtown

Marple Newtown Patch takes you to the best places in and around town to go for a walk.

From a casual stroll, to an all-out uphill hike, walking is one of the most recommended and easily accessible exercises for all ages and types of people. Whether you want to get in a challenging workout, a breath of fresh air, some sunshine on your face, or to get the kids out for a bit, why not go for a walk? It’s free, and there are a lot of interesting places to go right out the back door.

Kent Park

This runs along Darby Creek under the historic Lindberg Bridge and spans 10 acres. It’s well known for walking, hiking and fishing, and now features a recreational area that includes a fenced-in dog park, so feel free to bring the pooches.

Green Bank Farm

is perfect for a stroll on a nice day. The old farm consists of hiking and walking trails and large fields. It’s located along Palmers Mill Road just past .

Media Neighborhood Tour

Anyone in downtown Media can tell you the neighborhoods off State Street are chock-full of hills, on both the south and north sides. Some are low-grade, while others seem almost vertical. If you’re looking to break a sweat and burn some calories, Lemon Street hill is a must. (Warning: your legs will burn, but in a good way.) If you’d like a moderate route, try walking along the streets parallel to State Street, like Front, Second, Third streets, and so on, then loop back around to town to grab something cold to drink. A few cool things to look out for are Glen Providence Park at the West End of State Street, Barrall Park towards Providence Road, and Broomalls Lake on Third and Lemon streets.

Ridley Creek State Park

If you’re in the mood for a nature walk, Ridley Creek State Park is always a safe bet. It offers 12 miles of trails full of trees, flowers and wildlife. The trails include a 5-mile paved trail for hiking, jogging and biking, a formal garden, and the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation. The serene Ridley Creek passes right through the park.

Smedley Park

If you didn’t know it was there, you’d pass right by Smedley Park. It’s situated off the Blue Route in between Media and Springfield. The 120 acres of land attracts all types of outdoorsmen and women. There are plenty of hiking paths up hills and through trees as well as walking bridges over Crum Creek.

The Mall

It’s raining. You’re off from work, have finished your chores, and are itching to get out of the house. If you’re not one to layer up in rain gear and brave the elements, take the short drive to the mall, and simply just walk around. Granite Run and Springfield Malls are both double-decker and decent size, and open morning until night. You can window shop while you’re at it, and grab something to drink or a bite to eat.


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