Where Do You Take The Kids Skiing?

It's not snowing around here yet, but that isn't going to stop the kids from wanting to go skiing. The question isn't when we will go, but where we should go.

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Question: Where are the best places to take young kids skiing? How about snow tubing? I looked last year and couldn't find anywhere that Teddy could join us because of age restrictions.


Answer from Merrie Staurowsky (mom of 3): My parents took Ethan (he was 6) to Camelback last year. He wanted to snowboard. They made out well. My best advice is to go on a weekday. It won't be crowded. Look into Learn to Ski packages that include the lift ticket, lesson and rentals.

Answer from Michelle Cluver (mom of 2): We haven't taken the kids skiing, mostly because of the expense, but if we did we would probably start at Shawnee. It's where I learned to ski (as an adult) and they have a really nice little beginner hill. I would also insist on a lesson. Skiing is so much more fun if you know what you are doing! Gravity is going to get you down the hill, a lesson will help you get down with a little more style. As for tubing, we have gone to Blue Mountain and have had a great time. I'm not sure what their age restrictions are, but last year friends brought their 5-year-old and she was able to join us.

Answer from Karin K. (mom of 2): Wer'e actually surprising the kids tomorrow and taking them to Camelback for snowtubing. They all seem to have height limits and Camelback's youngest is 33"-44" to ride with a parent. I also found that Ski Roundtop (west on the turnpike and same distance as the Poconos) has kiddie runs ages 4 and under for $8 all day tickets and the big runs are 5 and up but you have to ride alone $27 all day. Camelback, Jack Frost and Big Boulder all have three-hour time slots on weekends and holidays.

Answer from Bretany Pilko (mom of 2): When the boys were toddlers, we went snowshoeing in the Poconos which was a lot of fun–but serious exercise.  Then, two years ago Chris took Peter up to Jack Frost for lessons and skiing one day. Peter loved it, but Teddy was so upset he couldn't go because of his age and height. This year we are taking both of them. The ski school was three hours long, which Peter completed before he tackled the slopes with dad. Whatever we end up doing, we will definitely buy our tickets in advance at because they have super discounts!


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