New Resident Continues To Try To Close Paper Mill Road

The new resident on Paper Mill Road is still trying to close the road to the public.

He’s back—Just when you think , another attorney enters the picture for Mr. Scott Brehman, the new resident on Paper Mill Road.

It’s déjà vu with a new attorney. Just as I was lauding the residents of Paper Mill Road for researching the road’s history and proving positively that Paper Mill Road is a dedicated township road, a new letter has arrived from Mr. Brehman’s attorney. 

You can read it here. Now that residents have proven that the road is a dedicated public road, Mr. Brehman is back with an offer followed by what appears to be the action he will take if he doesn’t get his way. Now, Mr. Brehman seems to want to say that Paper Mill Road is a dangerous road.

No other resident is complaining that the road is dangerous. The road was never discussed as dangerous in the past. It has not been an accident scene. In talking with some residents in that area, it appears the only danger is from the trucks of contractors working at the Brehmans' property. Makes you wonder if Mr. Brehman is encouraging these contractors to speed along the road.

In any event, here we go again. 

Why won’t Mr. Brehman just accept that he bought a property that is located very close to a public road? Why won’t Mr. Brehman accept that residents walk past his property to enjoy what they have for over 150 years? This is another unique township asset which is available to all. You can walk down the road all the way through to the trails in Radnor Township. Mr. Brehman is worried about his quiet enjoyment. What about the rest of his neighbors and the public? Are they not entitled to enjoy what they have for years?

If you are a township resident and are interested in being included in any meetings about this issue or have any opinion about this issue, email Township Manager Mike Trio and the Board of Supervisors at triom@newtowntwpdelco.org.  

Come to the public meetings and visit the township website for updates at newtowntownship.org. Your involvement is welcome and important.  My thanks to the residents who were integral in helping to resolve the Paper Mill Road issue and have enabled Paper Mill Road’s continued access for all.  

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MerionManor June 20, 2012 at 02:38 PM
I hate to say it, but as a resident of Haverford Township, to me it seems like Marple Newtown might have taken a lesson from Haverford; That is, they have instructed the residend to tell them something is unsafe so that, in turn, they can turn around and claim a libelous situation! These people are a joke, Next they will claim no one uses the path, so perhaps we should set up times to go out there and see to it that it is used. I'm not even a resident of the township, but just knowing that that road may close, has caused me to drive down that road on occasion over the last few months, and now I can only hope it served to somewhat disrupt the peace of these new "neighbors" for lack of better terminology.


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