Still Waiting On Future of Newtown's Proposed Act 537 Plan

What is the status of questions and recommendations made by residents concerning Newtown Township's Sewage Facilities Plan update?

On January 14th, I sent the following email as a follow-up to the Newtown Township's meetings on the Sewage Facilities Plan Proposal to Newtown Township Manager Trio and copied all of the supervisors:

Good Morning,

Can you please provide further information about timeframes on the proposed 537 plan update:

1. Will there be any further meetings for residents to provide information and receive questions/comments concerning the 537 plan before the Supervisors are asked to take action on the plan? 

2. At last week's meeting,Mr. MacCombie said that he would be moving the Goshen Road Pump Station. Can you provide information as to where it will move?

3. Have you directed Mr. MacCombie to make any changes and/or to meet with any individual homeowners' concerning suggestions that were made at last week's meeting? For example, have you asked Mr. MacCombie to look into providing gravity systems to all homeowners in Echo Valley? Have you asked that he meet with Ray Lopez to further look into suggestions provided by Ray and Kevin Matson at the meeting?

4. When will the Supervisors take action on the plan?

Thank you,  

Patti Wilson

When a week went by with no response, I sent the email again on January 20th.  This time, I sent the email directly to both Manager Trio as well as all of the supervisors.  In response to my questions, only one supervisor responded with only the information that Trio wants to advertise a special vote for the 537 on February 4, 2013.  Other than this information, no answers to my questions have been provided.

In the meantime, I received a copy of a letter which BPG had provided to the township in November 2011.  The letter is provided with this post. Clearly, in November 2011, the township was including BPG in their sewage facilities planning. But, there were no meetings with residents concerning this proposed plan update until December 2012 and only after the proposed plan was done. And, at these meetings, a number of residents had questions and made recommendations for changes.

It seems clear to me by the numbers attending meetings about that plan that residents are very interested in the township’s proposed sewage facilities plan. It is not clear to me why the township waited so long to include residents in the planning process. It is also not clear to my why questions provided after the meetings with residents are left unanswered.  

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EC January 24, 2013 at 07:14 PM
I am sure that everyone is lining up to get you quick answers because you are always so positive and constructive!
Hunter run neighbor January 24, 2013 at 09:25 PM
Patti, you should direct your questions to your current GOP leader. Trio does not make any decisions without his blessing. On the other hand, Ed partridge who campaigned on positive change, and overwhelmingly and thank goodness defeated that Houldin woman! At this point thank goodness Newtown residents didn't give partridge a large sum of money, Because your $"change"$ would have been zero! At least your learning about positive reinforcement and "asking" questions and not beating the township up! If the township offers none or very little answers, than it is every residents duty to bicker and point out the incompetence(if any) of township government. Maybe it's about time for tony campisi to start recruiting some democrats in newtown township !! Newtown is a 90% republican town. But when you witness the current supervisor boards performance and the township, one begins to second guess the GOP! So what does one do? When nepotism and patronage run amuck? Positive change? Don't look for your Newtown GOP for positive change!
Patti Wilson January 25, 2013 at 01:24 PM
So, by your comment, it would appear as though you think that residents should not be given answers to questions that are important to them. By your comment, you think that the Township Manager should ignore residents' questions? Whatever your opinion, as a taxpaying resident of this township, I do not think that residents should be ignored just because township officials don't seem to like to answer questions.
Patti Wilson January 25, 2013 at 01:25 PM
I'm just looking for answers to questions that were asked almost two weeks ago. It is my view that residents should have their questions answered. Seems to me that this view is not shared by the Township Manager or Supervisors.
Patti Wilson January 25, 2013 at 04:44 PM
Apparently, Trio has enough time to speak with another resident but I have yet to receive a response to my questions--this info was passed along to me in an email. "Mike Trio just called me to tell me the Board of Supervisors just decided to NOT have the 537 Sewer Plan Approval meeting on this Monday’s January 28th, BOS meeting, instead there will be a special meeting for that on the following Monday, February 4th either 7PM or 7:30PM." Also Mike agreed that he is placing a call into Aqua to have them test and if detect ordor issues as we mentioned at our prior special 537 meeting for SPW and SPE, he will instruct them to add whatever is necessary to fix the issue now, not just wait till the new pump station is built. Also Mike said the BOS has instructed him and Macombe, when designing the new pump stations (specific to our Camelot #6 Pump Station), to move them as further away as possible from the houses within what can be done without having to redesign the plan. In talking to Macombe he thinks that there should be room to move some number of feet further away, but won’t know until the design phase is done.


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