19 Graduate From Marple Citizens Police Academy

Marple police graduated its third class of Marple Township Citizens Police Academy students.

BROOMALL–The largest class to date, the Marple Township Police Department graduated their third class of the Citizens Police Academy. This fall, 19 residents from Marple Township participated in the Marple Township Citizens Police Academy.

The graduating class were recognized for their completion of the 10-week program by Marple police and members of the Board of Commissioners on Nov. 7.

"This is the largest of the three classes, which is nice to see this program growing," said Marple Police Chief Tom Murray. "These individuals participated in a 10-week program that provides insight to the Marple Township Police Department. It allows them to see how our police department operates and the things that we do in the community."

The program included insights of the police department's legal system, patrol procedures, DUI enforcement, criminal investigations, crime prevention, and domestic violence.

"In addition, they were able to see some of our equipment as well as tour the 911 Center, where all of our police calls originate," said Murray.

Marple police Sgt. Tony Colgan coordinated the program and helped graduate the following students at last week's work session meeting: Mark Synder, Mike Brodie, Jeanne Starer, Cynthia Corey, Carol Johnston, Pauline Downs, Matt Spellman, James McDonnell, Diane Downey, Peter Economou, John Morrone, Jeremy Kilpatrick, Matt Collins, Linda Collins, Karl Niemeyer, Mike Talley, Steve Redden, Joanne Lynch, and John Lucas.

The 19 students are the program's third graduating class. In total, approximately 34 residents have participated in the program so far. 


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