3 Wallets Stolen from Walmart Shoppers

Three separate people were pick pocketed while shopping at Walmart, police say.

Walmart at 400 S. State Rd in Springfield  (Credit: Jennifer Kim)
Walmart at 400 S. State Rd in Springfield (Credit: Jennifer Kim)

Three people were pick pocketed while shopping at Walmart in Springfield recently, according to Marple Township Police. 

A woman told police her wallet was taken from the checkout counter of the Walmart at 400 S. State Rd in Springfield at about 4:45 p.m. on Dec. 4, according to police.

She told police, she realized that the wallet was missing when she got home and called the store and the manager told her they would review store surveillance video, according to police.

Police later obtained the surveillance video which showed a woman taking the wallet off the register, according to police, the woman then completes her transaction at the register and walked to customer service.

After speaking with customer service the woman is seen in the video as she walks out of the store with the wallet in plain view, according to police.

It is possible the woman will attempt to return the wallet directly to the owner, according to police. 

In a separate incident on Dec. 10, a man told police he lost his wallet at Walmart.

He last knew he had the wallet after purchasing items and before he stopped at the restroom, according to police. 

When he got to the parking lot and realized that his wallet was missing, he returned to the restroom to check, but it was gone and he notified store security, according to police. 

Soon afterward, the man received a call from Citi Bank notifying him that a large purchase had been made on his credit cards, according to police.

About $600 had been charged at Best Buy and $275 was charged at Red Wings Shoes in Springfield, according to police. 

A second transaction at Best Buy was made using the man's Best Buy credit card for $1,400, according to police.

The man canceled his bank and credit cards and was also missing about $25 in cash from his wallet, according to police. 

Then on Dec. 17, a woman reported to police that her wallet was stolen from Walmart between 10:15 and 10:30 a.m., according to police. 

The woman told police a man was asking for her help reading a sign because he had forgotten his glasses, according to police, she reported that she leaned over to look at something and felt the man brush against her but did not notice anything.

A short time later she went to the register to checkout and noticed her wallet was missing from her purse, according to police, and realized that the man likely stole her wallet from her purse.

The wallet contained bank cards and $10 cash, according to police. 


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