Blotter: Mailbox Gets Axed, Paint Splattered on Cars, and More

The following information has been provided by the Marple Township Police Department. Any arrests or charges mentioned do not indicate guilt or conviction.

BROOMALL–On Jan. 1 at approximately 11:35 a.m., Marple police received a phone call about a vandalism incident. The caller told police her father, who is a resident on the 100 block of 4th Avenue had reported to police the day before about a broken window discovered at his home. The woman told police on Jan. 1, they went to the home and discovered a second window broken. According to the report, they checked the home and appeared that everything was in order. Nothing was located by either of the broken windows to help determine what caused the damage, according to the report

White Paint Splattered on Resident's 2 Cars

On Dec. 31 at approximately 10:10 a.m., police responded to the unit block of Woodlawn Avenue for a reported vandalism incident. According tot he report, the homeowner told police that two of her vehicles had white latex paint thrown on the driver’s side of the cars. Both vehicles were parked out on the street in front of her home since 8 p.m. the night before. 

Homeowner's Mailbox Gets Axed

On Dec. 29 at approximately 12:28 a.m., responded to the 2800 block of Old Cedar Grove Road for a criminal mischief incident. The homeowner told police someone had placed an axe into his mailbox. Upon arrival, police observed the axe was still stuck through the top of the mailbox. According to the report, no other mailboxes were damaged in the area. 

2012 Red Camaro Gets Splattered With Gray Paint

On Dec. 23 at approximately 7:10 a.m., police responded to the unit block of Media Line Road for a reported vandalism discovered to a vehicle. Upon arrival, police spoke to the vehicle owner who showed police her red 2012 Chevy Camaro that was parked overnight in the apartment parking lot. According to the report, there was gray paint splattered on the back trunk area of the vehicle. Splatters of paint were also discovered on the roof and front hood of the vehicle. Police were able to recover a plastic bottle of Acrylic craft paint sold by A.C. Moore that was discovered discarded on the ground below the vehicle. According to the report, the woman told police this is the second vandalism incident to her vehicle. 

Resident's Fence Damaged, Eggs Discovered

On Dec. 15 at approximately 7:55 a.m., police received a report from a resident on the 200 block of South New Ardmore Avenue who discovered a portion of his post & rail fence was damaged the night before. According to the report, it appeared as though someone broke it while climbing over it. In addition, the man discovered two unopened water bottles, one located by his shed and another by the fence as well as a full egg carton from Wawa. Approximate damage is estimated at $100. The man told police his house was egged last week, according to the report.

Resident's Home Window Gets Egged

On Dec. 15 at approximately 10:50 a.m., police received a report from a resident on the 300 block of Langford Road who reported someone had threw an egg at her front bow window. According to the report, remnants of one egg was observed splattered on her front bow window and egg shells were discovered in the driveway.


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