Cash Stolen From Purse at Home Medical Facility

A woman visits her husband and has $80 stolen from her purse, police say.

Money was stolen from a woman's purse who had been visiting at Broomall Presbyterian Home Medical Facility recently, according to Marple Township Police. 

A woman visited her husband at the facility at about 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 13 but before visiting obtained $100 from her bank, according to police.

While she was visiting her husband she asked for assistance with him and two CNA's entered the room, at which time the woman stepped out of the room, and left her coat and purse inside the room, according to police.

The woman told the facility administrators that she thought the CNA's took an extra long time in completing the task, so she re-entered the room and retrieved her coat and purse, according to police.

After the visit she returned home and realized the next morning when she checked her purse, that $80 was missing, according to police.

The woman reported the theft to Broomall Presbyterian Home Medical Facility administration who turned it over to police.

The facility administrators had not yet attempted to speak with the CNA's who were in the room at the time, according to police. 


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