Coffee Roaster Fire, Evacuation at Burlap and Bean

No injuries were reported and a small fire was contained within the coffee roaster at Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–A fire was reported at Burlap and Bean coffee shop, located at 204 South Newtown Street Road, just a little after noon on Tuesday.

The coffee shop's coffee reoaster had reportedly caught on fire. According to Burlap and Bean owners Ben and Brent Endicott, the fire was contained within the coffee roaster. 

Ben, who was at the coffee shop during the time of the incident, told Marple Newtown Patch that the fire had appeared to be in the 'elbow' of the roaster.

"It was glowing orange," recalled Ben about the small fire. "The 'elbow' is designed to contain that."

As a precaution, Ben had staff and approximately 10 customers evacuated. "We absolutely evacuated. Our number one concern is for everyone's safety."

According to Ben, he cut off the air flow to where the fire was located within the coffee roaster and "killed the gas and electric." In addition, he hosed the area down which created smoke in the back of the coffee shop.

By the time Newtown Square firefighters responded to the scene, the fire was already extinguished but fire officials double-checked the area, according to Brent.

Brent said he believes the coffee roaster fire was categorized as an exhaust stack fire, involving build-up in the chimney. According to Brent, the coffee roaster is cleaned every night.

No injuries were reported at the time of the incident and no damages have been reported at this time. "So far, so good," said Ben.


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