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K-9 Takes Down Man Going for Cop's Gun, Police Say

Newtown Township Police K-9 Falco assisted officers in an arrest near St. Anastasia School, police say.

Newtown Township Police K-9 Falco assisted officers in an arrest recently.  (Credit: Jennifer Kim)
Newtown Township Police K-9 Falco assisted officers in an arrest recently. (Credit: Jennifer Kim)
A Bryn Mawr man resisted arrest and reached for a Newtown Township police officer's gun before a K-9 partner took him down, police said. 

A Newtown police officer, who was monitoring traffic at about 8 a.m. on Nov. 15 through the St. Anastasia School zone, noticed a silver Toyota Avalon traveling faster than 15mph in the school zone and swerving in and out of traffic, according to Newtown Township police.

Police stopped the Avalon and asked the driver for his license and registration, according to police, and the driver reached for a black school bag on the passenger seat.

The driver, identified as Alexander Matthew Todorow, placed the bag on his lap, unzipped the front pouch and removed his license but immediately stuffed it back into the bag in what appeared to be an attempted to conceal something from police, according to police.

Todorow, 20, of Bryn Mawr, became very nervous and began to make a lot of movements with his hands inside the vehicle, according to police. 

Police asked Todorow to step out of the vehicle for officer safety and he replied no, according to police, Todorow was then given stern verbal commands ordering him out of his car and he refused.

The officer reached inside the driver side window, opened the driver side door from within and again ordered Todorow out of the vehicle and he still refused, according to police.

Todorow quickly and aggressively reached for the center console and the officer attempted to physically remove him from the driver seat, according to police.

Todorow physically resisted police by pushing the officer away and shoving the officer's hands away from him and continued to attempt to reach inside the center console while struggling with the officer, according to police.

A second officer and his K-9 partner arrived and the second officer verbally ordered Todorow out of his vehicle or the K-9 would be deployed, according to police, and Todorow continued to resist as officers attempted to remove him from the car.

While he was being removed from the car, Todorow's right hand, dropped two clear plastic bags, later confirmed to be filled with marijuana, and his left hand grabbed the officer’s gun holster, according to police. 

K9 Falco, a German Shepherd, was deployed and took hold of Todorow's left inner forearm, according to police.

While on the ground, Todorow continued to actively resist arrest, by not complying to verbal commands and refusing to be handcuffed by placing his hands underneath his chest while lying face down, according to police.

Police recovered two clear plastic sandwich bags, which field tested positive for marijuana, and a GemOro portable scale, according to police.

Todorow was charged with one count of felony aggravated assault, along with misdemeanor charges of simple assault, resisting arrest, possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and speeding, according to court documents. 

Newtown19073 December 12, 2013 at 12:26 PM
Why are the officers name not included? The dog's name and photo are reported. You even cropped the officer out of the photo. I know some of the Newtown Officers and I feel they should be shown the respect they deserve.


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