Man Steals Petty Cash from Broomall Business, Police Say

The theft was caught on surveillance camera, police say.

A petty cash jar was stolen from a Broomall business and the theft was caught on surveillance camera, according to Marple Township Police. 

On Nov. 22, the owner of Route 3 Motor Sports at the 2500 block of West Chester Pike in Broomall told police that he noticed the petty cash jar missing from inside the office, according to police. 

The man reviewed video footage from his security camera and discovered the theft occurred on Nov. 13 at 3:40 p.m. when the office was closed but the side office door was open, which connects to the adjoining business, according to police.

The video showed a black man enter the side door of the office and then he opened several desk drawers and looked through a briefcase that was on the floor, according to police.

The man was then seen on video taking a jar of money off of a shelf and he placed it inside his pocket, according to police.

The man eventually left through the locked front door and locked the door behind him, according to police.

The shop owner attempted to identify the man and police spoke with the suspect, who denied any involvement in the theft, according to police. Police believed the man in the surveillance video and the man who was identified was not the same person and the investigation continues. 


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