Newtown Square Fire Log: 69 Emergencies in June

Read below for the Newtown Square Fire Co.'s June fire log.

NEWTOWN SQUARE– Chief Doug Simspon presented June's fire log before the Board of Supervisors and the public at a recent supervisors meeting on July 16.

According to Simpson, the fire company is looking to apply for the federal and state assistance program SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response) grant, which is the "ability to hold a firefighter or EMT position paid with benefits for approximately two years."

"Our daytime staffing has dwindled in the essence of volunteers being available at times," said Simpson. "We currently have two part-time, Monday through Friday, at 12 hours a piece."

Simpson said the fire company will look to increase their daytime staffing with a firefighter or EMT qualified person for an eight-hour person by Aug. 1 to "help that stock gap of volunteers."

Here's a look at the numbers for fire emergencies/incidents that the Newtown Square Fire Co. responded to in June:

69 – Total Fire Emergencies for June

40 – Daytime Emergency Calls Received

23 – Automatic Fire Alarm System Malfunctions

16 – Evening Emergency Calls Received

11 – Overnight Emergency Calls Received

10 – Building Fires

10 – Human Error (fire alarms)

5 – Different Drills performed (fire equipment and setup; water rescue; driver recall qualification and apparatus review; live fire training in West Chester; and walk-through of and their security and engineer personnel).

4 – EMS Assists

3 – Carbon Monoxide Detections

3 – Brush Fires

2 – Motor Vehicle Accidents (no extrication)

2 – Utility Poles/Wires

2 – Standbys

1 – Vehicle Fire

1 – Public Assist

1 – Mutual Aid

1 – Rapid Intervention Team Request


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