No Charges Filed At This Time in Fatal Accident Involving 72-Year-Old Broomall Pedestrian

Marple Township Police Department is still investigating the fatal accident that killed Gina Micozzi, 72, of Broomall on March 6; no charges are filed against the driver at this time.

BROOMALL–Marple Police Chief Tom Murray issued a statement in regards to the , in Broomall.

On Tuesday evening at approximately 6:46 p.m., the Marple Township Police Department and the responded to a reported accident involving a pedestrian who was struck at 2064 South Sproul Road in .

According to Murray, responding police and EMS personnel found a woman had been struck by a car while attempting to cross Sproul Road. The woman was identified the following morning as Gina Micozzi, a 72-year-old female who resides in Marple Township, according to the statement. Micozzi was pronounced dead at Bryn Mawr Hospital a short time after the accident.

Murray stated police are still investigating the accident and have conducted interviews with several witnesses.

"Investigators have been able to determine that Mrs. [Gina] Micozzi was walking from her home to the store when she attempted to cross Sproul Road mid-block," stated Murray in the statement. "She was struck by a southbound car as she was crossing the road."

According to Murray, no charges have been filed at this time as the investigation is ongoing. Once the investigation of the accident is complete, Murray said police will confer with the District Attorney’s Office to determine if charges will be made.


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