OMG PD: Marple Newtown Grinch Edition

The holiday season doesn't stop unusual crimes around the Marple Newtown area.

It's that time of year when your neighbors turn their front yards into a circus of lights and Christmas characters.

But for some, they just aren't into the Christmas spirit. Recent police blotter items have been reported of Grinch-like incidents around Marple Newtown, including damaging Christmas lights and stealing Christmas decor. 

Santa Stake Stolen at Flower Shop

Candy Cane Lights Thrown Across Lawn 

Christmas Lights Slashed (Again)

Reindeer Go Amiss

Reindeer Go Missing

And for nearby Grinch-like incident reports:

Grinch Strikes Roxborough-ville: According to a report from Roxborough Patch, police had several reports of packages being stolen from doorsteps in December. There were four reported incidents of packages being taken while homeowners were out, including an incident in which 100 wooden arrows were reported taken. Check out Roxborough Patch for the full story.

One-Way Ticket to the Naughty List: According to Springfield Patch, an area resident reported that someone stole her wallet from her purse while she was at the mall taking a child to see Santa Claus. Check out the full story here.


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