OMG PD: Road Rage Ends in Face-Spraying

Check out these unusual police reports from around the Greater Philadelphia Area.

That's Not a Cab: According to a report from Bryn Mawr Patch, a 25-year-old man was cited for public drunkenness after police observed him attempt to get into a cab, get rejected from said cab, then attempt to get into a nearby stranger's car. Police cited the man after he allegedly attempted, after not being able to find a ride, to get back into the bar. Read the full story here.

That's a lot of Regional Rail Rides: According to a report from Mt. Airy Patch, 15 SEPTA train tickets were stolen out of a parked car. The total value of the items reported stolen, which included a wallet with $60 in it, is estimated at approximately $100. That makes the Regional Rail seem downright reasonable. Read the full story here.

What Do Road Rage and Scaring a Skunk Have in Common?: According to a report from Roxborough Patch, a man "accidentally cut off" another motorist while driving on Ridge Avenue. The "cut off" motorist then reported pulled up next to the man in his car, rolled down the window and sprayed him with an unknown substance in the face. Read the full report here.


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