Pills, Pipe, Scale Found in Traffic Stop

A Philadelphia man was arrested and charged in connection with drug possession after a traffic stop for a brake light, police say.

A 24-year-old Philadelphia man was arrested and charged with possessing a controlled substance following a traffic stop recently, according to Newtown Township Police. 

Newtown Township Police Patrolman Jeffrey Johnson pulled over a Chevy Malibu on Dec. 19 at Goshen Road and Crum Creek Lane, when he noticed the car had no rear lighting, according to police.

The driver, Maxwell McCullough, and a passenger provided all of their information to police and were told that the rear brake lights of the car were not working, according to police.

Police then told McCullough he was free to go and asked if there was anything in the car that police should know about like guns or drugs, according to police, and McCullough said no.

Johnson then asked McCullough if he could search the vehicle and he said yes, according to police.

McCullough and the passenger got out of the vehicle and Johnson retrieved his K9 partner, who is certified in narcotics detection, according to police, and the dog was placed inside the vehicle and searched for narcotics.

Within 30 seconds, the K9 indicated a backpack which was on the rear floor behind the drivers seat and after further inspection, an orange and black glass smoking pipe containing marijuana residue, an electronic scale and a clear plastic sandwich bag containing 44 pills and later identified as Oxycodone, were found inside the backpack, according to police.

McCullough was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and related offenses, according to court documents. 


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