Police Warn of Unsolicited Email

Hackers are convincing victims that they have missed a package delivery by email, police say.

Hackers are attempting to infect computers with malware by convincing a victim that they have missed a package delivery, according to Newtown Township Police Chief Christopher Lunn.

Whether it's FedEx, UPS or even a completely made-up delivery company, hackers are sending "undelivered courier item" emails that masquerade as notifications that a customer missed a package, according to Lunn.

The emails include a link to download the tracking info as a ZIP file and if the victim opens the attachment or clicks on the link in one of these scams, they are immediately put into harm's way, according to Lunn, and the opened attachment may attack your computer. 

Make sure you know the person who sent the email and that the email itself looks legitimate before opening any attachment or clicking on a link. 


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