State Police Offer Tips to Prevent Burglary

Following several burglaries in the area recently, Pennsylvania State Police offer tips to avoid being a victim of the crime.

Following a number of residential burglaries in the area recently, offer tips to avoid being a victim of the crime.

Several items were taken in. In addition, several . Another set of .

In Newtown, police were on the hunt for a in May. Burglaries that occurred earlier this year in the township .

Most of the burglaries have happened during the daytime and entry to the residences is usually made through back doors or windows, according to State Police.

The burglars are taking electronics, jewelry, cash, weapons and more.

State Police are asking residents to be on the alert for any type of suspicious activity in their neighborhood. Please take note of any descriptions of the subjects or vehicles and license plate numbers, if possible and call 911.

Prevention Tips:

  • Always lock your doors when doing yard work, getting mail, or anytime you go outside—both front and back doors. Keep garage doors down.
  • Close your blinds.
  • Do not leave windows open. Do not leave keys in your vehicle. Do not leave items (i.e., purses, laptops, GPSs) out in plain view.
  • Consider a house alarm.

Call the police to report any incident immediately. Never be too embarrassed to report that you've been victimized or swindled.


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