Woman Refuses Scammer Who Said She Won $9,500 for Paying Bills

The Broomall woman, instead, notified police of the phone scam.

A Broomall woman did not become a victim to another phone scam, according to Marple Township police. 

A resident of the 2600 block of Summit Avenue reported to police on Jan. 10 that someone attempted to scam her over the phone, according to police.

The scammer, named Richard Cruz called the woman from a 202-241-5068 phone number, claimed to work for the government and said she won a grant for paying her bills on time, according to police. 

The scammer told her she had won $9,500 but needed to pay tax on it, according to police.

He told the woman to go to Walmart or CVS and wire him $190 to cover the cost of the tax, according to police, but the woman knew she was being scammed and refused.

The man also attempted to have her give him the last four digits of her social security number and other personal information and she refused, according to police.

The man called this woman three times, according to police. 

Police advised the woman to have the phone number blocked and hang up next time there is a call. 

A very similar scamming incident also happened in Upper Providence Township on the same day and the woman in that incident also did not become a victim


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